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What is the composition of Menergeticum herbal tonic
1 capsules has 500 mg content:  :  Coix lacryma jobi 41mg Zimt Cassia 54,5mg Lycium Chinense / Goji 54,5mg Cuscuta Chinensis /  41mg Ziziphus Jujube  68,5mg Dioscorea opposita 48,5mg Herba Epimedii 68,5mg Cordyceps Chinensis 27,5mg Schisandra Chinensis  41mg Cervus Nippon Horns extract...
How is Menergeticum normally taken?
Menergeticum is designed for regular use as a tonic. We recommend 1-2 capsules per week, preferably taken after dinner. Since the mixture has a long-lasting effectl, Menergeticum can be taken before bedtime and the next few days will be enjoyed.
What is the difference between supplements and medicaments?
Food supplements do not require a prescription and are mostly sold in the form of vitamins and herbal supplements. However it is still important that the ingredients are clean and made in a controlled facility. Our manufacturer has the GMP...