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 Author: Dr. Ph.D. Heinz M. Augsburger - Orthomolecular Medicine, Phytotherapy, Naturopathy


Impotence or a decrease in libido are often taboo subjects. It is always the others who are affected. In today's stressful and hectic world, sexual desire unfortunately falls by the wayside more and more often. About every second man over 40 suffers at least temporarily from clinically relevant erectile dysfunction, i.e., impotence. The search for natural remedies with a desire-increasing effect is as old as mankind. People have always relied on the power of plants, and this has hardly changed to this day. The medicinal plants of love really exist. These love elixirs are called aphrodisiacs and are named after the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite.

I am happy to introduce a real, working tonic for men.

We have tested this composition for 6 months in capsule form on many subjects, and during the evaluation of the properties these points have emerged:

  1. Increase of male performance
  2. Long lasting erection
  3. Increase the quantity and strength of sperm
  4. Ejaculation can be better controlled if the act is to last long
  5. Increased satisfaction for couples in a night of passion
  6. Duration of effect/ noticeable up to one week

The perfect product for the man young or old, for all those to whom the sexual activities are important. A product without side effects. Without chemicals !

Finally having fun again with 100% natural organic ingredients. Absolutely natural products, no other additives, no chemicals, no steroid, no stimulant or other artificial substances. Tested in the European laboratory and no impurities were found and the free sale certificate as a food supplement for the entire European area was granted.



1 capsule : 500mg contains

Ziziphus Jujube 75 mg
Cinnamomum Cassia 60 mg
Lycium Chinense 60 mg
Dioscorea opposita 60 mg
Coix Lacryma-Jobi 50 mg
Cuscuta Chinensis 50 mg
Schisandra Chinensis 50 mg
Cordyceps Chinensis 35 mg
Cervus Nippon horn extract 30 mg
Atractylodes Macrocephala 30 mg


Take one capsule at least 4-6 hours before intercourse.

The effect or the libido increase can be well noticeable up to a week.

There are thousands of alleged potency enhancing products on the market/internet. I have taken the time to test this product on men of all ages including myself before adding it to our program, so I can highly recommend this product, simply put, because it works.

Below you will find, as usual, an explanation for each component of this product:


Coix Lacryma Jobi / Job's Tear HERB

Job's tear, also called Chinese pearl barley, belongs to the sweet grass family and has probably been cultivated for 4000 years, mainly in East Asia. Job's tear is very rich in protein and has a high content of vitamin B1. Job's tear has draining and detoxifying effects, regulates total cholesterol levels and cleanses the intestines of deposits of animal foods and fats. Job's tear powerfully enhances libido, potency and erection, improves fertility and has curative and preventive effects on civilization diseases, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis.


Cinnamomum Cassia / Cinnamon

Cinnamon has a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels and reduces the tension in the walls of the blood vessels. This improves blood circulation and as a result the erection because the erectile tissue corpus cavernosum of the penis is also better supplied with blood. Cinnamon lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. The key feature of cinnamon, which is also its most important advantage, is its antioxidant effect. Moreover, this spice is known for its antibacterial, stimulating as well as antiviral and antifungal effect. Cinnamon favors the metabolic process in the tissues, including in the genital area. The fragrant spice also has a beneficial effect on erection and inevitably leads to normalization of potency.


Lycium Chinense / Chinese Buckthorn / Goji

These provide the most important nutrients, 18 amino acids. They are known by the numerous positive effects on human health and are considered valuable remedies (as superfood).

The goji plant was first mentioned in China about 4600 years ago. And for a long time, it has been considered in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as a wonder weapon for eternal youth, beauty and health. Goji berries strengthen the immune system, delay the aging process by forming new cells not only of the skin but also of the brain, and have a preventive effect against cancer and against many other diseases. Goji contain important minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

  • Support of the immune system,
  • Strengthening the heart, liver and kidney,
  • Increase potency, increase of sperm count,
  • Regulation of blood pressure.


Cuscute Chinensis / Chinese DODDER

The plant is used in Tibetan medicine and, in addition to warming properties, is used for stimulating effects on the liver and kidneys and for aching limbs. Used for strengthening the kidneys and liver and for improving sexual functions. Anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-cancer, hormone regulating.

Known in TCM/Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years.


Ziziphus Jujube / Chinese Jujube / Chinese Date

For the release of stimulating sex hormones and stimulation of sperm production. By taking it, the immune system can be strengthened, inflammation can be relieved. The fruits are known in traditional Chinese medicine as a tonic and are nowadays used mainly by American men to improve sexual function. The active principle is based on an improved release of nitric oxide, similar to arginine.


Dioscorea Opposite / Chinese Yam

In Asia, the yam is said to have a potency-promoting and aphrodisiac effect, which is probably due to its high starch content. Meanwhile, the yam is used worldwide as a potency enhancer. In the form of capsules, the yam is administered for diseases of the joints, such as rheumatism, gout or arthrosis and arteriosclerosis. In addition to its anti-inflammatory effect, the root influences the hormonal balance of the body through the active substance diosgenin, which is contained in large quantities. The adrenal gland is stimulated by the corpus luteum hormone progesterone to produce testosterone and estrogen.


Cordycepin / Chinese caterpillar fungus

For generations, this mushroom is known in China as the herb of the man. They call it
VIAGRA of the Himalayas. The Cordycepin is a powerful activator of the kidneys and reduces cholesterol in the blood. Increases blood circulation and enhances blood flow in the penis, thereby improving strength and increasing the amount of semen flow.

Schisandra chinensis / Five-flavor berry

Also called China berry, it is native to Japan, Korea and China. In China, it is mainly cultivated in the northeast of the country. In Chinese herbal medicine, it is one of the most effective tonics. Thanks to its tonic properties, the list of possible applications is quite long.

Simply put, it increases vitality. Newly established in our stressful times, the China berry is a plant with a long history and tradition. It was already mentioned in the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 AD). The Chinese name "Wu-Wei-Zi", herb of the 5 elements also proves a long history of this plant.

In addition to the tonic properties, the Chinese berry is also said to have calming abilities. Thus, it can also be used for nightmares and insomnia. What at first glance looks like a contradiction, explains itself in a holistic view. Therefore, a vital, healthy person will not suffer from insomnia.

According to ancient records, the berry is said to increase energy, and can fight fatigue. Furthermore, the berry is said to promote sexual desire and virility and therefore serves as an over-the-counter sexual enhancer. Schisandra was already used during the Han Dynasty in ancient China as a herbal aphrodisiac. In addition to increasing general performance, the plant was valued as a sexual tonic.

Cervus Nippon horn extract / Sika deer horn extract

Increases testosterone levels

The effects of staghorn bast extract on cell growth have been studied on many occasions. In the process, the researchers were able to identify various growth factors. In addition, it turned out that deer antler velvet contains amino acids that increase the level of growth hormones in the human body. In a 2000 study, animals fed deer antler powder grew significantly faster than the control group. The animals also had increased liver weight and bone calcium content.

In a study conducted by the University of Alberta, 18 men were observed in a 9-week strength training program. The results showed that deer antler powder increased the strength and endurance of the subjects, compared to the control group. The researchers found significantly increased testosterone levels in the deer antler group.

Modern scientific research shows that staghorn bast powder has these health benefits:

  • improves blood circulation in the arteries
  • lowers high blood pressure
  • increases physical energy and resilience
  • increases muscle strength
  • improves flexibility
  • increases muscle regeneration
  • prevents and reduces inflammation
  • improves sexual health
  • acts against osteoporosis
  • stimulates the immune system


Atractylodis macrocephalae / BAI ZHU

Bai Zhu is one of the most important tonics in traditional Chinese medicine. Bai Zhu is used especially for deficiency syndromes of the spleen and stomach qi. This remedy has been widely used in China since the Tang Dynasty (618 to 907). High increase of testosterone and thus the increase of libido have been noted.