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What is the composition of Menergeticum herbal tonic
1 capsules has 500 mg content:  :  Ziziphus Jujube 75 mg Cinnamomum Cassia 60 mg Lycium Chinense 60 mg Dioscorea opposita 60 mg Coix Lacryma-Jobi 50 mg Cuscuta Chinensis 50 mg Schisandra Chinensis 50 mg Cordyceps Chinensis 35 mg Cervus Nippon...
How is Menergeticum normally taken?
Menergeticum is designed for regular use as a tonic. We recommend 1-2 capsules per week, preferably taken after dinner. Since the mixture has a long-lasting effectl, Menergeticum can be taken before bedtime and the next few days will be enjoyed.
What is the difference between supplements and medicaments?
Food supplements do not require a prescription and are mostly sold in the form of vitamins and herbal supplements. However it is still important that the ingredients are clean and made in a controlled facility. Our manufacturer has the GMP...